The Over 50 Entrepreneur Can Market Online Too!

Welcome to my site!

I created this site because I have been working online (affiliate marketing) for over two years and I find it hard to relate to certain groups of people. I can’t find many other affiliate marketers over the age of 50. I have worked closely with 20 something’s and new moms. I have worked with young people who are traveling the world. I have worked with experienced and professional marketers. I HAVE NOT worked with people like ME. I am over 50 and not ashamed of IT! Where is the group of people who are almost done raising kids? Where are the people who don’t change diapers anymore? Where are the people who are looking at retirement income? Where are the people who want to start something new because the nest is empty?

I am looking to be surrounded by “over 50″ people who want the same things as me. I am looking for a group of affiliate marketers or people who want to learn affiliate marketing in my age bracket.

So in my endeavors to find this group of people online, I quickly realized there are not many working online in affiliate marketing in my age group. There are many in direct selling, mlm, and so forth. But not in my circle. Maybe affiliate marketing is some hip young thing and not for the over 50 crowd? I don’t think so. Affiliate marketing is for everyone.  Anyone can learn to do this. Like I always said, ” if I learned to drive a 5 speed, anybody can. ” Seriously.

I have trouble relating to the mom with 3 little’s at her feet all day and all she wants to do is take amazing photos to post to IG of her working out. Great for her, but I can’t relate. I am way past that stage in life. I am not in the group that travels the world (and has no kids…) while working on a laptop in a remote location. I wish I did that…but that passed me by also.  I raised children from home. Not much travel. Also, I found it hard to relate to fellow affiliate marketers in online communities who are a couple of decades younger than me. I felt left out on purpose because I wasn’t planning my next trip to Bali. I felt left out because I wasn’t on a road trip. I felt left out because I hadn’t quit my career in one month after starting online. And many other reasons.

I felt left out because my purposes were way different from all of theirs. I am staring 60 in the face. I am worried about retirement and it’s costs. I am worried about grandchildren. I have very different reasons than most of them and they couldn’t relate to me that well. I get it. I don’t blame them. But I didn’t feel good about myself either.

So I decided to create this community by blogging, using YouTube, and an online community. And to bring other people my age value, I decided to help this age group learn affiliate marketing. I just don’t see this being met out there anywhere.

To let you know the types of online marketing I have tried, here is my master list.

Surveys, direct selling, mlm, email marketing, Instagram marketing, blogging, Facebook groups, Facebook fan pages, YouTube videos, affiliate marketing, transcription services, and some others I don’t even remember.

So I do have experience in this. But I really fell in love with affiliate marketing. I spent my 20’s and 30’s in direct selling. And while I was successful at that, meaning I supplied the household income, I did it for so many years, I am not interested in that anymore. I investigated an online store, but that wasn’t for me. I checked out being a mystery shopper. Not for me. I tried surveys, after all they look so easy. It doesn’t work that way.  I tried being in focus groups. Not for me. And I tried other things. I kept winding back up in affiliate marketing and making a commitment to it.

Maybe affiliate marketing is for you too. If you are investigating working from home online, because it looks to be interesting to you? I hope so!

So let me leave you with why I choose affiliate marketing. You decide if it’s for you.

You don’t have to create a product  yourself and you don’t have to own a store.

You can start immediately to promote something.

You can pick the target audience (niche) that pertains to you.

It’s easy to learn and make money with.

Whew! So look for the next blog posts coming that explains and teaches more! I hope you gained some value here with me today. I hope if you stayed to the end of this post, and you’re in with IT too!