Over 50 Reflection

If you are over 50, like me, you may feel scared and overwhelmed at the years ahead.  We look at the next 10 years and know that things will or could change drastically. And how do you prepare for it?? Well, for the most part you can’t.  However, you can prepare for some of it.  And it won’t be easy.  Your in-laws and your family may not understand your stance or your actions, but you know what – they probably won’t be their funding your retirement either. So where do you begin? Well, if you have a life partner and you’re on the same page, decide what you want your future to look like. Otherwise it’s up to you to decide. And that’s okay.

What style of living do you want? Where do you want to live in the future? Maybe you want to downsize. Maybe you want to be the big lodge for all the grandkids to visit. Do you want to travel? Do you want to be near relatives, or not near relatives? Do you need to be near medical facilities? Are you planning on assisted living or nursing homes when the years really advanced? If you have portioned part of your yearly income til now into retirement funds, you have a leg up on the rest of us. And working with financial planners is a great position to be in.

However, if you are looking to begin financial planning now, I advise you find a professional who can assist you in that area. But remember, it’s still up to you to make the decisions and plans for your future.

How does all this play into my current direction of affiliate marketing? Because I to have been starting at ground zero. I have been working my way up from nothing at the middle of my life. Nothing I ever intended to have to do. But I have adopted a saying from a wise old mentor from years ago –  spend 5% of the time on the problem and 95% of the time on the solution. So while I have always been an entrepreneur and  worked for myself, as a homemaker, I realize I’m stuck being this way. I can’t change out of entrepreneurship now. Going to work for someone else or a company that takes away the freedom that I have grown to appreciate, cultivate, and love is not an option for me.  You understand right?

So my best affiliate marketing tip for today to the over 50 crowd is this:  Don’t settle for doing something and attaching who you are to a name that you don’t absolutely believe in.

Some people have asked me what my main affiliate is that I promote? Well, I promote it all over the internet, but since you have asked follow this link here.

I am working in 2 areas of interest online at the moment. I have gone through the pains of working with different ones to finally find the ones that are the perfect fit for me. I have linked only one of them at the moment here, because it’s what I am currently focused on the most. I am over 50 but not close to 60, however, I’m devoting my energy to future investment. And I keep a keen eye on market trends past and present. Not everything looks so good for the future economically speaking. Wouldn’t you agree? But as an entrepreneur, I think we have the upper hand. We have an outlook and an education that depends on ourselves and not a company’s pension per se.

So hang out some more here, because I feel like we will all be gathering more often!


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