Over 50 And Looking At Retirement: Why Affiliate Marketing May Be Your Answer

If you are at an over 50 age and looking at preparations for retirement, check out what affiliate marketing can do for you. At 50 we start looking at 60. That’s reality.  And if the retirement package is less than attractive and doesn’t measure up to your dreams – finding answers  NOW is the solution. If you are looking at working online to fill that gap, no matter if you work full-time, part-time, or are unemployed, you have a winning opportunity in front of you. The possibilities of working online, especially doing something that you are passionate about or have a talent for, can be endless. The option to create a perfectly designed business plan or creative outlet hobby has never been more available than right now.

But one of the best places to start working online is in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing provides 4 solutions that starting a business on your own cannot do.

The first solution is that you do not have to create the product and the business that goes behind it. It’s done for you. It’s like getting a business in a box. For example, I love a company called Mountain Rose Herbs. I’ve used their products for years. So if they offer an affiliate program, I can easily promote that on my social media. If anyone chooses to buy using my affiliate link, I pick up a little extra pocket change for almost  no work. The craze today is that most companies offer the option to become an affiliate for them. So if there is a product you truly enjoy using, chances are there is someone who produces that product. An easy platform to do that is through social media. But that is not something to retire on or plan for senior living.

But the good news is there are many companies that offer amazing opportunities that deal with the bigger side of things. So hang on, because the high-end ticket programs that do exist, are legit, and help you create that kind of wealth will be posted in due time.  My best advice to you is to thoroughly research what you come across. I always research the people involved. I look at their social media accounts and size them up. Is this someone I want to work with? Is their life showing integrity? Do they have the same or similar value beliefs that I do? I really ask myself, ” is this someone I would run into in the grocery store and they treat me the way I would want to be treated?”

The second solution why affiliate marketing is a perfect fit for the over 50 crowd is you can start promoting it immediately. It literally takes minutes to set up being an affiliate online for most companies. Some may take longer, such as dealing with trading of currencies. But for the most part it takes no time at all. You enter your email, personal info and your on your way. Affiliate programs are designed and set up to be a complete package with guidelines to follow that are general and ready-made. There are very few hidden details about it. Most are completely open and available to the newbie with all information at the fingertips ready to use.

Solution three is the fun part! You can choose your favorite niche. What is niche if you don’t know? Niche is the target market you promote to. It’s the group you associate with if you choose. You can pick a niche that’s new to you also. I recommend you go with one you are very comfortable with in the beginning. If you are a homeschool mom, guess what? There is a whole market of homeschool moms out there waiting to be promoted to and waiting to belong to a community of like minds. Check out this account on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.  That’s a niche market. Another niche market could be to over 40 marathon runners. The lists are endless. The products that they need are endless. There is something for everyone.

And lastly, the fourth solution is creating wealth by following your passion. Read any personal blog and you will find out what that is. I was reading a blog recently about a mid 30’s plus size woman who turned her clothing size and love of fashion into a blog that promotes clothing to other women over 30 and plus size. She follows her passion and leads these women to fall in love with their body. And provides them with new styles available to them in their size. She pockets money by monetizing her blog and promoting for plus size clothing companies. As she grows and her lifestyle changes or grows, her following will no doubt grow as well. She can continue to make money from her blog. You can check her style out here.  Following your passions by promoting someone’s products can be very lucrative. They have done all the business aspects for you. You pop in and promote the product without the headache. It’s win-win.

Do your research. Watch and read all you can before you make decisions. Even still, it’s easy to start over on the internet. Most of all, have fun!




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