Two Reasons People Stay Broke

I find there are two reasons people stay broke. And learning this at anytime in life is wonderful, but helps if you figure this out before your 50 years old!

First reason people stay broke and do not know how to create wealth is they don’t give. Become a giver. It’s simple. And it works. Be a giver even before people realize they need help. Being an online educator in any form meets this requirement. A blog is a great way to give the best of yourself. A Facebook group is another way to contribute to a community, and reach it around the world! That’s fabulous.

Another reason people stay broke is they hoard. Broke minded people hoard their money. That reason destroys your chances for success and creating wealth in your life.

Hoarding trains your mind to believe there is never enough. There is never enough to go around. And then when you do have money, you have no idea how to spend it. Because you can’t make a decision. There’s never enough abundance to go around is another broke mind-set. And then the belief sets in that you can’t create wealth in your life.

But if you give as if there’s more than enough for you, that’s a mind-set that there is enough. What follows are actions to create wealth in your life.

Why pursue trying to create wealth if you’re convinced there is not enough to go around? That kind of mind-set has to go if you ever want to see changes in your life.

Opposite of not believing you have enough? Gratefulness. I taught my children to always put the other person first and to give what you have whenever asked. As a result, they are very grateful human beings for what they have. And they give generously. And now begin to project into the future a gratefulness for the things you will have. Envision the better lifestyle that will produce better health, now. Tell yourself you will have it. Today, we have electricity that can talk to us (Alexa)!! Thomas Edison had no idea how far his invention and work would go. But you know he believed greatly in himself, his work, and he was a giver. That’s why he was successful.

Say it now, I am grateful for the things I will have in the future.

What happen’s now, is you begin to start taking chances, you start to have confidence, you start believing and telling yourself – ” hey, I can do this!”  You start expanding your thinking about what you are capable of. Before you know it, you are doing it! And more opportunities show up to create. And one thing leads to another, and before you know it again, you are looking back over time and you see the timeline you created that got you where you are. And you realize that you’re in the very place of the future you believed for. Trust me it will happen. But you can’t give up or quit.



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