Now Joining Empty Nest Anonymous…

No one could have prepared me for this. But it happened. One day they are all little girls, the next day they are women and leaving home – all 3 – on the same day. No they are not triplets, but they might as well be, because they are always together. Due to 3 different sets of circumstances, all 3 will be living together, and FAR away from me, mom. But, I have to get use to this. And in the back of my head I’m saying, “and what am I going to be doing without them?” Yes, I still have 3 other kiddos at home of various ages, but with half the troupe gone, that leaves quite a chunk of mental space to fill. They won’t be there asking me questions, needing a ride, discussing life moments, or sitting at the table. I won’t be picking up their shoes, transferring laundry loads for them, waking them up, yelling for them to come to dinner knowing they have headphones on. You get the picture.

Whoa. Something to get use to. Well I have been privately preparing for this for a few years. It was bound to happen, right? I started getting myself out of comfort zones. Like the ones that use them to help me run half of my brain. (how will I food shop without them?) Out of necessity, I began to look for employment online, so I could work from home. And I began the process of teaching myself online marketing, because I knew nothing about it. I barely did Facebook or IG, and still can’t figure out Snapchat. I realized very quickly a few things about myself. One, that I had a lot of comfort zones to get rid of. Also, I learned that even though I have a degree in sales and marketing, it means almost nothing compared to how marketing works today. I was at square one. I felt like less than zero next to all the teens who are with it and the 20 somethings that make 1000’s online every month.

I didn’t know what tailwind, google alerts, email campaign, sales funnel or DM meant. (but after 2 years of working online, I can boast that I now know more than my children.LOL) I can imaging that if you are a newbie like I was to online marketing, you feel overwhelmed. I watched these young mothers with kids all over their house effortlessly use Facebook Live and host an essential oil party. I tried to copy them. It wasn’t that easy and I didn’t make any money. I dabbled in focus groups, surveys, transcribing, Facebook posting, IG marketing (still a favorite of mine), and more… Nothing was jibbing. But all along I was working on myself, making changes in my thought process, believing more in myself, and learning skills. I came up two years later and realized I know quite a bit. And I have had fun! So much fun that I don’t want to quit.

Two quick things that have helped me score online in affiliate marketing is the following: learning a skill set and changing my mind-set. I had great skills in marketing from working direct selling and mlm for years, and working in private industry marketing departments. But online marketing – all different. What I knew before really didn’t help. After all I didn’t know what an algorithm is. So I started taking classes, webinars, trainings galore to bring me up to date. Everyone online really provides value. I soaked all that value up. And it did not take too long. (of course I’m still learning)

Also, a change has taken place in my mind-set. I needed self-confidence and faith that I could do this. There are so many younger entrepreneurs out there killing it online. How am I to compete with them? I joined their groups, copied them, tried to relate with them. For the most part I did, but not entirely. They were traveling the world, renting villas in Bali, learning to set off drones over waterfalls in South Africa… I am a homemaker. I didn’t fit in enough…not enough to get them to engage with me the way they engage with each other. Let’s face it, I’m not a grandmother, but I’m not that old!! Did I remind them of their mother? Would working online alongside your mom be that bad? Apparently.

So I wasn’t expecting this twist of events to unfold the more I worked online. But there it was in my face, every single day. What was I to do? After lots of thought, I decided I am going to find or create an over 50 crowd of affiliate marketers. It’s still new, it’s still in its’ baby stages, but it is here. And I hope you stick around and be a part of this.

Back to the mind-set. I learned to have faith as I took action and my actions would follow my mind. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. And I decided to be the real me. Not giving you anything fake here. My life is quite boring compared to these young entrepreneurs out there, but I foresee lots of adventure coming my way as I make a place for myself. Besides, relationships are more important to me than villas in Bali. I enjoy their IG posts, and Bali does look stunning, yes I would like to visit there. But for now, it’s not a priority.

What do you think so far? Want to stick around and see the journey? If you fancy it, please click the follow button!

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